Better Together Birth Workers

We birth better, together!

Meet the Team

Chloe Girot   

Birth Doula   |   Placenta Preparing

I have been fascinated with the natural process of childbirth from a young age. I remember nothing from 6th grade science class except that I was introduced to how babies were born and that amazed me! Ever since I was hooked on the idea of helping a birthing parent achieve parenthood. After much research about birth experiences I kept finding how some are blissful and others are more traumatic. Before I even knew what a doula’s purpose was, I instinctively knew that birth should be a happy, loving and rewarding accomplishment, not a scarring event. Once I was introduced to doulas and what they are all about, I thought to myself I was meant to support and encourage women in their greatest time of need!

I have completed Welcome Home Doula Services’  year-long Apprentice Doula Program which reinforced my passion of being a doula.  In addition, I have studied the benefits of placenta encapsulation and have also completed the course through WHDS.


Jonelle DeMarco-Coy

Birth Photographer  |  Childbirth Educator

I attended my first birth at the age of 14 and since then have dreamt of birth work. Once I dove into photography in 2007 I knew I could merge my two passions to create a priceless gift.

In each birth story, you will find strength,  joy, anticipation, and support among so many other emotions. My job is to find these moments so that you and your family can look back on them in the years to come.

When your baby decides to makes its grand entrance into the world, I’ll be there for you and your loved ones. Your story will be unique to you, and I strive to honor its sacredness!