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Placenta Encapsulation

The consumption of the placenta can be a way to balance out a birthing parent’s hormone and nutrient levels after childbirth, helping to prevent abrupt shifts that can contribute to “baby blues.” Placenta encapsulation provides the most palatable and noninvasive way to consume the placenta since it provides pure placenta in capsule form.


    • Placenta encapsulation can help to: (Just to name a few!)

    • Replenish vitamin and mineral levels lost from the body during and after birth
    • Boost energy by restoring oxygen carrying hemoglobin
    • Increase breast milk production
    • Lessen postpartum bleeding


Services currently offered by BTBW:

  • Placenta Encapsulation Services (Steamed or Raw Method)
  • Placenta Prints


These preparations are discreet, clean, and effective. We adhere to OSHA Guidelines for Bloodborne Pathogen Transmission & Infection Prevention, as well as EPA guidelines for sanitation and safe food handling.